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Psalm 119:65   Thou hast dealt well with thy servant, Oh Lord, according unto they word.  Thomas Carlyle, December 1795 –  February 1881 was a Scottish satirical writer.  He wrote, "Evil, once manfully fronted, ceases to be evil; there is generous battle-hope in place of dead, passive misery; the evil itself has become a kind of good."  Somewhere along the way it was said Carlyle lost his faith.  Some think people make their own destiny, maybe it is true. But one thing for sure, we do make choices and with those choices they will lead to good or they will lead to bad. So to be sure there are consequences. In our conduct we can either prepare good for us or we can prepare bad for us, kinda like we draw to us the consequences. Prayer:  Lord God, give us wisdom to day to make the proper choices for ourselves that will lead to our good. Amen

The Stones

1 Peter 2:5  Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house.  Samuel Longfellow, clergyman and hymn writer wrote: One holy church of God appears Through every age and race, Unwasted by the lapse of years, Unchanged by unchanging place. We are the lively stones the verse in 1 Peter 2:5 is referring to. Whether here on earth or in heaven we are part of God's temple. Therefore, we must make sure we surrender and allow God to work in us so we will fit in the temple. Prayer:  Lord God, you know our hearts, make us right with you. Amen


Psalm 34:9  "O fear the Lord ye His saints for there is no want to them that fear Him."   John Newton wrote "What thou shalt today provide, let me as a child receive. What tomorrow may betide, calmly to thy wisdom leave. Tis enough that thou wilt care, why should I the burden bear?" All too often we become anxious and start stewing about situations that have not taken place. None of these things will bring about the desired result. So instead of becoming upset it is better to rest in God, trusting in Him to provide for today and putting in His hands tomorrow. Prayer: Lord God, I give you my today. I choose to trust you with it. To bring about thy desired will in my life and to provide me with everything I need for today. I leave tomorrow in your hands, for you know what will come and what I will need. Amen.

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