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Can You Be A Special Messenger?

  Paul, was a special messenger. An Apostle. Jesus Christ chose Paul personally to represent Him for the faith of God’s chosen ones. Jesus wanted Paul to lead and encourage them to recognize and pursue the knowledge of the truth which leads to godliness. Who better to represent Him than a man who persecuted Him and His followers in the beginning and who had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ himself on the road to Damascas. He could speak with conviction and truth. The Lord wanted them to have hope and a divine guarantee of eternal life, the life which God, who is ever truthful and without deceit, promised before the ages of time began. This is what God has given us. Truth. A divine guarantee of eternal life with Him. The Lord has loved us so much that He wants us to have hope, yes, but also to have that guarantee of eternal life with Him. We can be like Paul, and share this news with those who do not know it.  Don't forget Jesus gave us instructions, he said, "Go therefo

Making The Right Choice

"Every act of irreverence for life, every act which neglects life, which is indifferent to and wastes life, is a step towards the love of death. This choice man must make at every minute. Never were the consequences of the wrong choice as total and as irreversible as they are today. Never was the warning of the Bible so urgent: 'I have put before you life and death, blessing and curse. Choose life, that you and your children may live.'" Erich Fromm What we seem to forget is that God loves us. He sent His son to die on the cross for all of us. He created us. But remember it is up to us to accept what He did for us and receive it so we can become His children. If we reject it, then we are not His children. I accepted Christ along time ago, about 72 years ago. I made a choice because I love the Lord. And I know He loves me. My children made the choice to choose Him because they love Him. We are grateful, yes, but we also accept the responsibility that comes with the fact

Were You In The Locked Room?

  Jesus said, "Peace be unto you." Imagine you were with the disciples in the Upper Room; the doors are locked. Everyone is afraid of the Jewish leaders coming after them. Not only were they fearful, for their lives, but they lost their rock, Jesus. The man they leaned on, and depended on. He was with them for over 3 years, teaching them. Their friend. They could always count on Him. They ate with Him, played, slept, and prayed with Him. Now He was gone. Their whole world had been turned upside down. They didn't know what to do. They were in the upper room, the last place they had been with Jesus. What is it like for you sitting there with the disciples? Then suddenly, a man appeared in the room. They aren't sure who He is and they are wondering how he got in the locked room. The man says, "Peace be unto you." When he said this, he held out His hands and shewed them His side. It was Jesus. Can you imagine how thrilled the disciples were to see Him. Their jo

Dream of Tomorrow!

  Audrey Hepburn once said, “To plant a garden is to dream of tomorrow.” As I mulled this over, I was taken aback as I contemplated the truth of this. I can understand how you would be looking at the seeds you plant thinking of what they would look like as they grow. Nurturing them each day and seeing each one break through the ground and their faces showing. Their growth continuing until they fully matured. So yes, planting a garden is like dreaming of tomorrow. Mary Cantwell said, “Gardeners, I think, dream bigger dreams than emperors.” In truth, I believe they do. The Lord also causes us to grow. Our food and water comes from His word. The more we read God's words in scripture, the more we grow in Christ and the stronger we become in our faith. Blessings!

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