Psalms 56:3 "What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee."

The crosses of the present moment always bring their ownspecial grace and consequent comfort with them; we see the hand of God in them when it is laid upon us. But the crosses of anxious foreboding are seen out of the dispensation of God; we see them without grace to bear them; we see them indeed through a faithless spirit which banishes grace. So everything in them is bitter and unendurable; all seems dark and helpless. Let us throw self aside; no more self-interest, and then God's will, unfolding every moment in everything, will console us also every moment for all that He shall do around us, or within us, for our discipline. by Francois De La Mothe Fenelon

What ever our crosses are to bear we can be assured that God is with us and will see us through them. It is useless to fret and worry it won't change anything it will just make it worse for us emotionally and probably physically. It will for sure keep us stirred up and our focus will be on them when the focus should be on God. Let us step out in faith and put our trust in our God.

Prayer: Father we come to you and bring you these crosses. If we must bear them then give us the courage needed–help us to keep our focus on you trusting you to be with us and see us through. We ask for your grace and we ask to see your hand in these. In Jesus name, Amen.