God says, "Unless you become as a little child you shall not enter the kingdom of God." Matthew 18:3

Sometimes, it is hard when you are an adult, to understand that verse. What does God mean, become as a little child.

Something happens when we become adults. The ability to trust and believe seems to disappear. We have been exposed to the world and in that world there are people with hidden agendas, who are not trust worthy. Let's face it, we have encountered by the time we are twenty years of age, people who tell us one thing and do another. People who promise to be there, but leave. It's no wonder it's hard to be as a little child in our hearts.

When we are children our world consist of our parents. We are surrounded by people who love us and take care of us; people we can trust and depend on. When our toy is broken we go to daddy and hand it to him and ask him to fix it, we know he will. It is a safe haven.

When we need or want something we tell our parents and they provide it.

That's what it is with God. A safe haven. Becoming as a little child means we trust and believe in and on him knowing he will provide for us, protect us and help us in our daily lives.

My prayer for today is:

Lord, help me become as a little child in believing your word, trusting in you so that I may receive your blessings and be able to enter your kingdom. Amen