By now, most of us comprehend that the life we are living is a journey. The journey starts at birth and continues until we get to our destination. There will be many stops along the way. Some will last for a few minutes, days, weeks, and some will last for a few years.

The stops remind me of doors opening. Some look enticing and some don't, depending upon my state of mind, yes, but mostly dependent on the center of my heart.

This traveling from one place to another can drain us of energies we need for our trip. This means we need to make sure we replenish ourselves.

I think Isaiah 40:13 says it best..."they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength." For some of us it is hard to wait. Waiting is not conducive to our fast-paced world. For the most part, it's an alien concept. Many people think waiting is simply being inactive. But is it? What do you do with the time you are waiting?

For me waiting upon the Lord simply means don't run ahead of Him. Wait for Him to show me what to do. What direction to go. This gives me the time I need to renew my strength. I am depending on Him not me.

He Knows the best path for me. Therefore, it stands to reason I need to seek Him and ask His direction.

What about you? Do you wait? If so, what do you do while waiting? Does the waiting give you time to renew your strength? Or are you running ahead of Him?