A man’s courage can sustain his broken body, but when courage dies, what hope is left?Proverbs 18:14

When a man loses all hope, that must be the deadliest feeling of all. Too many times those feelings cause the person to end their lives. I don't believe they just woke up one morning and decided to do that, I believe those feelings built each day until finally their hope was all gone, they were in the bottom of the pit and the darkness overwhelmed them. There are many examples––Robin Williams for one. I'm not talking about the people who overdosed accidentally, I'm talking about the ones that deliberately took their own lives.

Over the weekend, a friend's nephew ended his life. He had finally come to that point, that evidently, all of his hope was gone, there was none left. So he ended it. His depression grew into the darkest and deepest hole and he couldn't see that things could get better.

In his final moments, when the light of all hope was gone, did he believe death was going to make things better. We'll never know.

When I think of his family standing at his grave my heart aches for them. There questions may never be answered and they will have to come to terms with a devastating tragedy.

God's words in Proverbs 18:14 bring forth great wisdom for us.  "...when courage dies, what hope is left?" 

If anyone suffers with depression for more than two weeks, then seek counseling with a Christian counselor. Don't try to handle this on your on.

"God, help us not to let hope die in us. Help us to put our hope in you. Be with this family and help them through the days ahead, comfort their grief. Help all of those who are suffering with depression to seek out help. Amen"