Philippians 4:6    (paraphrased) Do not be anxious about anything. In everything-pray and petition (God) with thanksgiving (if you ask him for anything or if you ask him to do something then thank him for doing it.).

So tell me, what isn't clear about that? God's word says don't be anxious...another way to put it is don't worry. Don't do it. Now obviously there is a good reason He doesn't want us to worry or be anxious about anything.  And the reason is what it does to our health. You see worry and anxiety cause our body to go into a flight or fight mode which releases chemicals into the body. These chemicals over a prolonged time cause the chemicals to become toxic to the body causing problems with our organs and muscles...on a daily basis this produces symptoms such as headaches and worse can cause strokes or heart attacks.

Okay, so now that we know worry and anxiety are bad for us. What now? God said pray. In other words talk to Him. Tell Him what's bothering you. Believe me, He wants to know. Guess what, He is the person who can do something about it. That alone is a good reason to talk to Him. Right?

Now what else did He say? He says thank Him. Yes, thank Him before you see results. Why? Because by doing so tells Him you believe He will, second, you are expecting Him to do it, and third, you are receiving it in faith.

Think about it this way...waitress comes to your table and ask for your order. You tell her what you want. Then you thank her and she leaves your table to turn your order in. She doesn't hand it to you right there, immediately because it has to be cooked. So it will take a little while. But you trust her in that she turned your order in, and you believe she is going to bring you your order when it is done and you know you will receive your order.

So there you have it. God made it where we do something, don't worry, and He does something, He handles it. This is a great partnership. He is always there waiting for us to talk to Him.